Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cold Weather -- Continues

Cold weather and cold water temperatures continue to plague the fishing. Water temperatures at both Sandy and Oak Orchard river remained and the upper 30 degree mark. This is still to cold for the Brown trout to finish their spawning. We are catching a mix of Brown trout that have not finished spawning and that are spawned out. These Brown trout that have not finished spawning are waiting for a good warming trend, sounds just like us. Both us and the fish right about now can use a little bit of global warming. A few days of warm whether will raise the water temperatures into lower 40 degrees range this will trigger the remaining Brown trout to quickly finish their spawning.
Starting with Oak Orchard River, water flows for now remained excellent. Water temperatures are holding around 38 degrees. The fishing is now centered on the pools, the cold water has sent the all of the Brown trout into the deeper water to wait out the cold weather. The pools are holding a mix of Browns that have yet to spawn and have spawned out including a few steelheads. The fishing pressure has dropped off significantly, however because most of the productive fishing is now centered on the pools the Oak still has a lout of fishing pressure. The spawned out Brown trout are starting to going on the feed. Flies for the Oak Orchard River are; your favorite egg fly patterns and for the slower water try white bunny flies.
The conditions at Sandy Creek are very similar to those at Oak Orchard River, cold water temperatures. The canal release has been going on now for approximately 1 week. Even though the water temperatures are extremely cold the extra water has to be helping.
Despite the extra water from the canal, the fishing at Sandy Creek has been very challenging. Because of the cold water temperatures we have been concentrating our fishing efforts in the pools. Mid November on Sandy Creek is steelhead time. Hopefully the fishing will get back on track soon. Productive flies for Sandy are the same as we have been using at the Oak Orchard River, egg patterns and white bunny flies.

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