Monday, November 10, 2008

Brown Trout

The water flows in sandy have not changed at all. Most of the fish are still holding in the estuary. Fortunately earlier this week, a few male brown trout braving the low water starting to make their run up river. These Brown Trout are scattered throughout 7 miles of sandy creek. Once you find them there is no guarantee they will bite. Often all a male Brown Trout wants to bite on is another male Brown Trout. The trick is to annoy the Brown in to biting. We do this by constantly drifting a fly in to the face of the male Brown. I compare this to a game of tag. Once the female Browns start to make their run the behavior of the male Brown trout will change and they will become more receptive to biting on a fly. Even when Browns are spawning they will take advantage of every feeding opportunity. All of our streams and creeks bottoms are saturated with salmon eggs. Normal spawning activity will stir up these eggs and this is a feeding opportunity that Brown trout will not pass up.
Oak Orchard River -- The fishing pressure here has still been very heavy. However despite the heavy fishing pressure the Oak has been fishing fairly decent. There is a mix of both Brown trout and a few Steelhead. The best time to try and fish the Oak is in the afternoon when the early morning fishermen are starting to thin out. Even at the Oak your best approach is to hunt around and try and spot a fish and then fished to that particular fish. Not much has changed with the fly selection, size 6 white zonkers, nuclear roe bugs size 6 and 10 in colors of Oregon cheese, orange and estaz egg size 8 in butter-scotch. The important thing to success right now is finding cooperative fish. The way the weather forecast is starting to look like, water flows may improve soon.

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