Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cold Weather -- Continues

Cold weather and cold water temperatures continue to plague the fishing. Water temperatures at both Sandy and Oak Orchard river remained and the upper 30 degree mark. This is still to cold for the Brown trout to finish their spawning. We are catching a mix of Brown trout that have not finished spawning and that are spawned out. These Brown trout that have not finished spawning are waiting for a good warming trend, sounds just like us. Both us and the fish right about now can use a little bit of global warming. A few days of warm whether will raise the water temperatures into lower 40 degrees range this will trigger the remaining Brown trout to quickly finish their spawning.
Starting with Oak Orchard River, water flows for now remained excellent. Water temperatures are holding around 38 degrees. The fishing is now centered on the pools, the cold water has sent the all of the Brown trout into the deeper water to wait out the cold weather. The pools are holding a mix of Browns that have yet to spawn and have spawned out including a few steelheads. The fishing pressure has dropped off significantly, however because most of the productive fishing is now centered on the pools the Oak still has a lout of fishing pressure. The spawned out Brown trout are starting to going on the feed. Flies for the Oak Orchard River are; your favorite egg fly patterns and for the slower water try white bunny flies.
The conditions at Sandy Creek are very similar to those at Oak Orchard River, cold water temperatures. The canal release has been going on now for approximately 1 week. Even though the water temperatures are extremely cold the extra water has to be helping.
Despite the extra water from the canal, the fishing at Sandy Creek has been very challenging. Because of the cold water temperatures we have been concentrating our fishing efforts in the pools. Mid November on Sandy Creek is steelhead time. Hopefully the fishing will get back on track soon. Productive flies for Sandy are the same as we have been using at the Oak Orchard River, egg patterns and white bunny flies.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cold Weather fishing

The cold weather that came in over the weekend is having a major effect on the fish. Water temperatures are still dropping, as a result the bite has slowed down. The rapidly cooling water temperatures have put the fish in to a temperature shock. It will take a day or two for the fish to settle down and go back on the bite once the water temperatures stabilize. Hopefully the water temperatures will not be so cold that fish go to a winter pattern of sitting in the pools and waiting for warm water temperatures. There is still a lot of Brown trout yet to come into the rivers. Sandy Creek has been affected by this cold snap more than any other of our rivers. Right now the water temperature in Sandy Creek is at 38 degrees and dropping. This is cold enough to stop the spawning activity. We will need a few days of above normal temperatures to warm the water back up so the Brown trout can finish their spawning.

Oak Orchard River is faring a lot better when it comes to water temperatures. The reservoir on the Oak is acting as a heat source and has lessened the effect of the sharp drop in water temperature. The fishing pressure on the Oak has lightened a bit this week which is fortunate for us. Even still most of the fish activity does not start until late morning early afternoon. Until conditions change the best approach is to think of our rivers and streams as though they are in a winter fishing condition. Concentrate your fishing efforts in the pools and slowdown and fish these pools methodically. The Genesee River has been fishing well for steelhead and the remainder of the Chinook salmon run. The wet weather that came through last weekend left a lot of rain in the southern part of the state. As result the Genesee River is too high to fish for now. Hopefully in a week or two water levels will come back down and we may resume fishing the Genesee.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Hunt Continues

Unfortunately we did not receive much rain this past week, as a result water flows in all of our streams and creeks remain the same. So the hunt continues, we are still covering a lot of stream to find a few fish. Fortunately, we are now starting to find more female Brown trout starting to run up stream. This will help to settle down the male Brown trout and keep their focus on one particular spot in the river bottom. It does not take many female Browns to change the focus of the male Browns. From biting on each other to focusing on the female browns. Once the male Brown trout start focusing on the female Browns, they will become very receptive to a fly.
Oak Orchard River remains just as crowded with people as always for this time of the year. Some days we are able to find short stretches of water that is not packed with people. When this happens we are able to work the structure water and do surprisingly well. Hopefully the fishing pressure will start to die down in a couple of weeks. Once this happens we will be able to fish Oak Orchard River the way we need to, and do well in the process. Productive flies for this week have not change much we are still doing well with white bunny flies, and of course our favorite egg patterns in the usual colors of Oregon cheese, orange.
If you intend to be fishing Sandy Creek over the weekend, it would be wise to not fish far from the bridges. This weekend is the opening weekend for deer hunting. There will be deer hunters out and about. I would suggest either fishing Oak Orchard River or stay very close to the bridges, it is the deer hunters turned to use the woods. So we will let the deer hunters the have the right away for a couple weeks, and then we will be back to normal.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Brown Trout

The water flows in sandy have not changed at all. Most of the fish are still holding in the estuary. Fortunately earlier this week, a few male brown trout braving the low water starting to make their run up river. These Brown Trout are scattered throughout 7 miles of sandy creek. Once you find them there is no guarantee they will bite. Often all a male Brown Trout wants to bite on is another male Brown Trout. The trick is to annoy the Brown in to biting. We do this by constantly drifting a fly in to the face of the male Brown. I compare this to a game of tag. Once the female Browns start to make their run the behavior of the male Brown trout will change and they will become more receptive to biting on a fly. Even when Browns are spawning they will take advantage of every feeding opportunity. All of our streams and creeks bottoms are saturated with salmon eggs. Normal spawning activity will stir up these eggs and this is a feeding opportunity that Brown trout will not pass up.
Oak Orchard River -- The fishing pressure here has still been very heavy. However despite the heavy fishing pressure the Oak has been fishing fairly decent. There is a mix of both Brown trout and a few Steelhead. The best time to try and fish the Oak is in the afternoon when the early morning fishermen are starting to thin out. Even at the Oak your best approach is to hunt around and try and spot a fish and then fished to that particular fish. Not much has changed with the fly selection, size 6 white zonkers, nuclear roe bugs size 6 and 10 in colors of Oregon cheese, orange and estaz egg size 8 in butter-scotch. The important thing to success right now is finding cooperative fish. The way the weather forecast is starting to look like, water flows may improve soon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tough fishing

The fishing on Sandy Creek has been very challenging this week. Water flows are as low and clear as they were last fall. Sandy had a little rain and a slight increase in water flow last week and a few Browns moved up river. But this did not last long, and Sandy dropped back down. At the level Sandy is flowing now most of the Brown trout are reluctant to leave the estuary. The few Browns that are working their way up river are scattered far and wide. As a result we are forced to cover a lot of water every day to find a few fish. The Brown trout that we are finding are mostly large males. Large male Brown trout can be challenging to get them to eat a fly. Often all these big Browns want to bite on is each other.
On the bright side, I have high hopes that the wet weather that is supposed to come this weekend will raise the water flow on Sandy. This will trigger a good run of Browns. The reports that I am getting is there is a lot of fish activities at night in the estuary. It is also time for the female Browns to start running. With the addition of the female Browns this will help to settle down the male Browns and both groups should go on the bite.
Oak Orchard River remains extremely busy. The fishing pressure on the Oak this time of the year has always been intense, this past week has been no exception. The Genesee River is at an ideal fishing level and it is time for the typical Genesee River steelhead runs. There are plenty of salmon by the falls, and a few steelheads scattered about the rest of the river. Productive flies have been, egg patterns in colors of orange, Oregon cheese, butter-scotch, white bunny flies size 6 and 4 for the Genesee River.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Snow Fall

Salmon River, Pulaski, NY - Because of all the rain that fell earlier this week and the snow fall mid week water flow has once again been increased to 1350 CFS. Judging by the amount of snow that has fallen on the Salmon River watershed I suspect water releases may increase more. This week has been a very challenging week of fishing. Despite this we have managed to land several quality Steelhead and an occasional Brown trout. Fishing pressure has dropped off dramatically. The salmon fishermen have finally given way to the Steelhead fishermen. With salmon spawn all but done we are now having as much success fishing flies on the swing as we are dead drifting egg patterns. The egg bite is finally starting to settle down. Fly patterns have not changed much, we are still using nuclear roe bugs in orange and Oregon cheese. For wet flies, a size 4 Brown and copper woolly bugger has been the hot fly this week.

The last week of October has turned out to be the most challenging week I've had fishing the Salmon River this fall. I have often stated that conditions can change dramatically from one day to the next. This week has been a excellent example of this. I have experienced pleasant sunny days, heavy rainfall, high water and now one of the biggest snow falls I have seen for the month of October. To give you an idea what this all looks like, in the lower river, at the DSR, there was about half to 1 inch of snow. Head up river to the fly fishing zones and now you're looking at 14 inches of snow. Head further up river to the Salmon River reservoir and now you're looking at over 2 feet of snow. Talk about a week of classic steelhead fishing weather and we have had it all.

This past week finishes up my stay at the Salmon River for this fall. It has been a good fall on the Salmon River this year, excellent water flow some of the best flows we have seen in many years. A good run of Chinook salmon, as good of a fall run of Steelhead as last year, of course all of the Brown trout we caught. I will now be heading back home and fishing Sandy Creek for fall run Brown trout and Steelhead. I will be fishing Sandy through the month of November. I will wait until December to start fishing Oak Orchard River, at that time the fishing pressure will be greatly reduced. I will also be making trips back up to Salmon River for some December early winter Steelhead fishing also.

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