Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Rain Continues

Salmon River Pulaski N, Y - The rain continues to fall, it is mostly lake effect rain. The lower river will see cloudy skies and the upper river will see steady rain. The more you go in land the more rain there is. All of this rain has filled the reservoir back up to capacity. For now the water flow is at 750 CFS plus run off. The water flow will be reduced to 500 CFS until this coming Thursday. From there we will have to see what happens. At this water level the salmon can be heard to spot when they are running. As a result many fishermen will think there is no salmon moving and will not fish one particular spot for long before moving on. Steady but light to moderate runs of salmon continue to enter the Salmon River on a daily basis. Steelhead are now starting to show up a little bit more consistent now. Some days they are there and you can find them and other days the steelheads are nowhere to be found, but the steelhead fishing is starting to improve. With this water flow it will take Chinook salmon approximately 2 days to make the run from lower River to the fly fishing zones. The fly fishing zones are becoming extremely busy with fishermen and new salmon that are showing up every day. Along with the Chinook salmon there is also a few Brown trout being caught along with the occasional steelhead. The spawning activity is also increasing daily. We are still on the front end of the Chinook salmon spawn. On a normal fall Chinook salmon spawn will last in approximately 3 weeks. Majority of salmon will spawn out over the next two weeks. By the middle of this month the Chinook salmon run for the Salmon River will be all but over. As I stated earlier, steelhead are just starting to make their appearance in the river. The fall steelhead run will go well into November. Productive flies for us the past few days have been nuclear row bug's in colors orange and Oregon cheese in size 8, Brown and copper wooly buggers size 6.

Brown trout in the Salmon River are not very common. The state stocks Browns every year for the Salmon River. However for some reason only known to the Browns them selves, only a few return each fall. If you are interested in fishing for Lake run Brown trout salmon River would not be a good choice. Brown trout in the Salmon River is what I refer to as a bonus fish each fall I will only see a couple dozen being caught.

Note; I still have one day available in October 25. For November Brown trout and steelhead, I still have, 26, 28, 29, 30 is still available. December is wide open, Call the fly shop the number is 585-352-4775 my cell number is 585-233-0436 or e-mail me at

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