Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Steelhead

As if on cue the Steelhead are showing up, right on schedule for the Salmon River. We have had consistently excellent Steelhead fishing over the last few days. Most of the action is taking place in the lower river, in the DSR. There has not been a lot of salmon spawning in this section of the river. As a result the steelhead, are not as keyed in to eggs as they were last fall. This has allowed us to use a variety of flies and techniques to fish for the Steelhead, such as a slow swing presentation, using wet flies. This is not to say that egg patterns are not taking their share of fish, egg flies such as the nuclear roe bug are taken more than their share of Steelhead. But it is nice to have an opportunity to swing flies to fall Steelhead that are chrome bright and fresh from the lake. Fall Steelhead like this is a real handful once they feel the hook.

Brown trout continue to show up in surprisingly large numbers for the Salmon River. I have said in the past, that Brown Trout are a bonus fish. This fall we have been putting a Brown Trout or two in the net almost every day. Right now if you wanted to catch a Brown Trout you would have a very good chance of doing so. Normally when we are fishing for Brown Trout we would be using roe patterns (egg flies). At least for now we are catching Browns on a variety of flies. Besides egg flies: woolly buggers and Mr. rubber legs are getting the job done on the Browns. I have not narrowed down any one particular fly pattern that these Brown trout prefer over anything else. Just like the salmon fishing this fall you need to figure out the fly patterns almost every day for the Browns.

Steve Ortiz with his giant steelhead weighing in at 18 pounds. This fish was caught with a size 4 brown and copper woolly bugger, a fly also known as Steelhead crack.
Back in July I was talking about some of the large Steelhead that were being caught out in the Lake. This past summer it seems like there was more Steelhead caught that weighed in at over 20 lbs than any summer I can remember in the past. With a one fish steelhead limit in the rivers and a lot of conservation-minded fishermen out in the lake, it makes me wonder what we might see in the river this fall.

Note: I still have one day available in October 25 we will be fishing for steelhead. For November Brown Trout and Steelhead I still have, 26, 28, 29, 30 is still available. December is wide open, Call the fly shop the number is 585-352-4775 my cell number is 585-233-0436 or e-mail me at

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