Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Big Water

Salmon River, Pulaski, NY:
We received heavy rain fall last Saturday, as a result the water flow went from 335 CFS to 750 CFS over the weekend. The rainfall we received over the weekend was close to 3 inches. With that much rainfall the water flow has been increased to 1150 CFS. This release is scheduled to run through Thursday night. After that we will have to see as there is more wet weather on the way. Water flows of this level can make the fishing a little challenging, especially with all the leaves in the river. It will take most of a day for all the debris to clear out. However water flow increases will often trigger new fish to enter the river.

We are continuing to catch quality fish every day, some days we do better than others however the fishing remains consistently good. Chinook salmon are now becoming scarcer every day as a result the heavy egg bite is starting to settle down. This has allowed us to fish with a swinging wet fly more effectively, especially in the lower river. Upper River, we are still experiencing Steelheads and Browns that are heavily keyed on to egg patterns. I suspect this will continue for some time to come especially with the fluctuating water flows. Each time the water flow increased the river bottom is shifted slightly. As result large volumes of eggs are knocked loosed and sent adrift. This could cause a river-wide egg bite for the first day of the water flow increase. Something to keep in mind this winter each time water flows are increased.

Productive flies have not changed much we are still having our best results with nuclear roe bugs in colors of Oregon cheese and orange for egg patterns. When fishing egg patterns we have been using 8 pound or 3X tippet and when we can get away with it we will fish as heavy as 10 pound or 2X tippet. For wet flies fished on a swing our best producer has been a brown and copper size 4 Wooly bugger. Other flies are Mr. rubber legs, green but picket pin and black stone flies. When we are fishing with a wet fly on the swing we have had to go to 12 pound tippits, and still on occasionally will get broken off on to take.

Note: I still have November, 26, 28, 29, 30 is still available. December is wide open, Call the fly shop the number is 585-352-4775 my cell number is 585-233-0436 or e-mail me at jay@jaypeckguides.com

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