Friday, September 5, 2008

Warm Week

This past week was a warm one as a result the salmon fishing has slowed down a bit. This is nothing new for this time of the year. Early September salmon fishing will experience a few slow days. Bright sunny weather and warm water temperatures are the main reason for the slowdown in the fishing. The Water temperature has increased about 3 degrees this week. As a result the water is not able to hold enough oxygen to keep the salmon comfortable. When this happens, the few salmon that do enter the river will do it under the cover of darkness. This is when the water temperatures are a little cooler and the dark of the night will provide the security salmon like. Once the morning light hits the water surface these salmon will head to the nearest deep pool or pocket and then hold up for the day. This is why your best approach is to fish from about first light until mid morning and then from late afternoon until dark. There is no sense pounding the water during the middle of the day. Bright sunlight and warm water temperatures are not ideal conditions for salmon fishing.
This coming week may be an interesting week of salmon fishing. The weather forecast is for cooler air temperatures and possibly some hurricane rain. The hurricane rains would be an ideal scenario right now. A large shot of rainfall from a hurricane would flush out all the warm water and most likely trigger a strong run of salmon. Whenever we have received heavy rainfall from a hurricane it has produced excellent fishing all along the lake.

Note: If you are thinking about fishing for November Brown trout, you will need to act soon, I still have a few days left. November 8, 9, 19, 20, 26, 28 & 29 are still available.

I still have prime days available in September and early October. If you are interested in experiencing some early Chinook and Coho salmon fishing. Call me at the fly shop the number is 585-352- 4775 or e-mail me at

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