Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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The salmon run is off to a good start this year. We have had good rain and cool weather this past month. As a result the water temperature is 66 degrees, warm but not bad. The water flow for the weekend started out at 750 CFS and this water flow was running for over a week and then finally on Monday, the flow dropped back to 335 CFS. With all this relatively cool water and excellent water flow the Salmon River has an excellent run of salmon for this time of the year. Keep in mind, I'm comparing conditions as for an early September's go. This is not red hot salmon fishing, but there is more than enough fish to make the effort worthwhile. Right now, it is more of covering a lot of water and getting a fly in front of as many salmon as possible. This may sound simple but, for September Chinook salmon fishing this is the key. The fishing pressure on these fish right now is very light and they are not temperature stressed. As a result, once you find a fish, the chances are it will be a biter.
The DSR is receiving small runs of Chinook salmon more days than not. There is not one particular pool and the lower river that has a large concentration of salmon. When there is no fish actively moving, you will need to cover a lot of water to find a salmon or two. Lately, there seems to be a few salmon that have been entering the river under the cover of darkness. These salmon can be located anywhere along the DSR, fish any of the deeper pocket water and of course the pools. Mid river and up is where the salmon are starting to concentrate in a few of the deeper pools. The challenge here is to find salmon that is willing to bite. Some of these salmon may have been holding in the pool for more than a few days as a result they become what we refer to as stale. A stale Chinook salmon is reluctant to bite but they will do a lot of jumping during the evening hours. Keep in mind, once the salmon start to run again they will become good biters. Sometimes it will take a change in water flow to move these salmon out of their pool. But, once they start to move again there attitudes towards biting a fly will most certainly improve.
Both fly fishing zones have large concentrations of Chinook salmon and a few Coho salmon. There is also plenty of summer run steelhead in both the upper and lower flyfishing zone to make the fishing interesting. Some of these salmon have been sitting in the zones for more than a few weeks. There are also a few new fish arriving on a daily basis. Keep in mind that the lower flyfishing zone does not open up until mid September. However, the upper flyfishing zone is open and having some reasonably good fishing. As I said earlier, the Salmon River for early September is considered the fishing as good as it can get. This is my favorite time to be in the river. There is very little fishing pressure, pleasant weather to fish in and this year, more than a few salmon spread out from top to bottom. Of coerce finishing the day out trying to catch a summer run steelhead.
Note; I still have prime days available in September and early October. Also, if you are thinking about fishing for November Brown trout, you will need to act soon, I still have a few days left. If you are interested in experiencing some early Chinook and Coho salmon fishing. Call me at the fly shop the number is 585 - 352 - 4775 or e-mail me at jay@jaypeckguides.com

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