Sunday, August 24, 2008

Early Start

A Chinook Salmon sitting at the tail of the fish ladder at the Salmon River hatchery.

The route 48 bridge at Pineville

The thunderstorms we have been enjoying the last two weeks have kept the water flowing. The Salmon River is definitely no exception; water flows have been 750 CFS and up all last week. Add this to unseasonably cool weather, favorable winds out on the Lake. There have been a few very early small runs of Chinook salmon. Normally we will not see any fish until the Labor Day weekend water release at the earliest. Who knows this may be a good indication of what is coming this fall. I will be heading back up to the Salmon River this coming Friday. My intentions are to get reacquainted with the river. Pools and runs in this River can, and do, change often. There is a scheduled water release for this weekend of 750 CFS, after the weekend starting on Monday the Salmon River will have a new minimum flow for the fall of 335 CFS. After fishing last fall this will seem like very high water, however 335 CFS is considered normal water flow for fall salmon season. Last Saturday I stopped at the Salmon River hatchery at Altmar, and took a peek at the bottom and of the fish ladder. I saw one Chinook salmon and six summer run steelhead sitting there. Judging from all the reports I've been receiving about the early runs of Chinook salmon, and my observations from the steelhead this summer. my fishing strategy is starting to look like this: Fishing the lower River in the Dougaston Salmon Run in the morning for Chinook salmon. Then after a mid-day break fishing the upper fly fishing zone for a summer run steelhead. Not a bad way to spend the day.

What's going on with the trout fishing? There is still a lout of tricos hatching on Oatka Creek. Not much has changed the same group of flies are still working just fine. Other rivers and creeks, such as the Genesee River are starting to come back into line with good consistent fishing. The nights are becoming a little longer and a little cooler this is cooling off the water temperatures slowly but surely. Once again the Genesee River will provide several hours of productive fish. Nothing new is happening with Spring Brook; the same stuff, scuds, mages, streamers. For Spring Brook this selection of flies will hold right through fall.
Note: I still have prime days available in September and early October. If you are interested in doing some Chinook and Coho salmon fishing, give myself or the fly shop a call. The number is 585-352-4775 or e-mail me at

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