Sunday, July 27, 2008


Things have changed over the last few days with all the rain. Oatka Creek has had a spike in the Water flow. This shot of water has cleaned out all the floating weed mats that were choking the Creek. The spike in water flow has also given the Creek a good flushing and cleaned out some of the sediment that has been building up all summer. This increase in water has left a slight stain to the water on Oatka Creek. The stained water has given the larger fish the comfort they needed to feed on the Trico hatch. There has been a large concentration of larger trout feeding on the hatch the last few days. These larger fish could be feeding on this hatch for a few more days, while the water flow remains high. Once water flows come back down to where it has been this summer, these larger trout will go back to night feeding.

To give you a comparison's last week we were fishing in water flows of 2.30 to 2.27 this water flow is very low for fishing and now we have a flow of 2.87, much higher, it can be come a little too hard for fishing the Trico hatch. The water level has already crested and is starting to slowly drop.

The way the weather looks for this week and water flows are looking, I suspect this week is going to be another good week for fishing the Trico hatch. The slightly stained water, while it lasts, can help make approaching the fish easier. However we still have to approach feeding trout with great care. As for flies, same stuff Trico spinners size 22 and red variants size 16. I am using the Red variant has an indicator fly, and then dropping off the bend of the hook a size 22 Trico spinner. I do not know about you but I cannot see a size 24 fly sitting in the surface film 30 feet away. Fishing a tandem rig like this helps me keep my fly exactly where I want that fly to be. As always do not forget ants and beetles once the morning air temperatures start to warm up.

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