Thursday, July 10, 2008

Looking For Bugs

I have found a light to moderate Trico hatch on Oatka Creek, this hatch will intensify over the next week or so. Over the next few days do not be surprised if the hatch is a little spotty. The Trico hatch is just getting started, and it takes little time for the bugs to get going and the fish to key in on the Trico. The trout in Oatka Creek are still feeding on scuds. While waiting for the Trico spinners to fall we have been able to catch a few trout while fishing with scuds. Once the trout start to feed on the Trico spinners we change over to a size 20 Trico spinner. We are also having good success with the red variants size 16. As always once the spinner fishing dies down you can always shift over to beetles and ants.

Spring brook is now a mage and scud fishing game. This does not mean that there is not a lot of good fishing to be had on Spring brook. Midge patterns will be small size 22 and on down, and keep your scud small, I like a size 16. The geese have kept the weeds under control so the water crest will not be a problem. The trout on Spring brook have a very fast growth rate. With the help of the geese controlling water crest we now have an excellent opportunity to fish for some larger than average trout was small flies.

The Genesee River; The water flow on the Genesee is at a good fishing flow. The big concern for now is water temperature. Water temperatures can vary sharply through out the course of the day on Genesee River. However when we are enjoying cooler weather, morning fishing on the Genesee River can be excellent, especially during the Trico hatch.

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