Thursday, July 31, 2008

Late Summer Fishing

I know everybody's been complaining about the wet Weather we've have had the last few weeks. Most people may have found the storms a inconvenient. However not for us trout fishermen, all this rain has given us an extra month of trout fishing. Most years we would be done fishing or favorite trout streams such as Oatka Creek, the Genesee River, not to mention several other streams by now. On a typical summer water flow in these trout creeks and streams would to low and warm to fish without injuring the fish them selves.
Even though many people are finding the fishing very demanding, reality is we are in joy very good late summer fishing. Just remember we have been picking on these fish since April, the fish knows the game well. Fishing a Trioc spinner fall is a technically demanding hatch to fish. The flies are small and the fish will not take a fly that is not perfectly drifted. Add to this the fact that these fish have been fish for at least four months, approach and a pod of feeding trout can be extremely tough. Not every group of fish are you going to be able to successfully fish to. The rest of the summer the game is going to be small flies and even with good water flow, touchy fish. Stick with 7 X tippets size 24 Trioc spinners and red variants for indicator flies. And most importantly a very stealthy approach to any pod of fish you intend to fish. And as always when a spinner fall winds down fish ants size 18 and 20 and Beatles size 16.
The tiny flies and tippets the size of a spider web, are starting to become a bit of a nuisance. Just remember this; the beginning of salmon season is only a month away. Big flies and heavy tippets and you will not need your reading glasses to tie a fly on.

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