Friday, July 18, 2008

Challenging Week

This past week has been a changing one for fishing the Trioc hatch. We have been invaded by some sort of tiny mayfly, a size 26 what looks like a Trioc. What it is, I do not know, I have always call it “that dam small black mayfly” There is still the normal size 20 Trioc spinners in the mix of bugs. The problem is trying to figure out which bug the trout are feeding on. This is not easy when the trout are not rising consistently. We have been able to catch a few fish using a mix of Griffis gnats size 22 and Trioc spinners size 22 and 24. For what ever reason, the trout have been a little sensitive this week. We have had to use lighter than normal tippits 7 and even 8X tippits and longer leaders to avoid spooking the fish. The normal arsenal of ants and beetles continues to work once the Trioc spinners start to clear off the water. Some mornings these flies work better than others, but there always worth giving a try.
Spring brook has settled into a typical mid to late summer pattern. There seems to be no real prime time to fish, just go and fish when you can. Some days you can show up first thing in the morning, and find a few fish feeding on mages and scuds. By the time you leave at mid day there is no slowdown to the activity. The next day there is hardly any feeding activity and you struggle for a couple of fish. Some days scuds are the hot pattern, the next day some sort of mage pattern will do the trick, you have to just experiment and figure it out.

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