Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Between Hatches

Oatka Creek has now become a morning Creek, that is the most productive fishing is during the morning. For now hairs ear's size 16, Coleman's March Browns nymphs size 12, and pink scuds size 16 and 14 have been the most productive flies. As the morning progresses and we shift from the fishing nymphs to dry fly fishing. Productive flies are ants, beetles and red variant. Often we will not see many trout rising, but we are still able to pull a few fish to the surface. When there is very little surface feeding activity, cover all likely fish holding structure and traditional feeding lanes. During this time of the summer, between the hatches trout in Oatka Creek are more prone to chase an odd fly on the surface. The next major hatch for Oatka Creek will be the trico hatch. This hatch traditionally starts after the first week of July. I suspect we will see the first of these bugs late next week. As always the trico hatch is a challenging hatch to fish. We have been picking on these fish since last April. The trout in Oatka Creek knows the game well by now. However we always seem to manage to have some great fishing during this hatch.

Springbrook still has a few sulfurs kicking around, however most of the fishing is starting to center and around mage and scud fishing. Often by early to mid July the fishing pressure Springbrook drops off sharply. When this happens some of the larger trout start to show up. Now is when the real challenge of fishing Springbrook starts. Trout over 14 inches on flies size 22 on down.

The Genesee River has received some heavy thunderstorms over the past weekend. The water flow has spiked and has fallen back down from the storms. This means the Genesee has good water flow and has cleared up from the thunderstorms. Not much has changed a mix of various flies during the day, yellow Drakes in the evening. The Genesee will also receive a trico hatch in a week or so. This hatch is very prolific on the Genesee River and will provide some excellent morning fishing.

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