Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back On Track

Over the last few days we have had some big thunderstorms. So far the storms have not caused Oatkas water flow to rise. These rainstorms are the key to maintain a constant fishable water flow throughout the Oatka system. The Trico hatch is back on track, the bugs and the fish are back to their normal routines. The bugs have been delayed when we have had rainfall during the mornings. The fog however has not seem to affect the Trioc spinner other than slow the returns down a little or prolonging the spinner fall until later in the morning. Cool and our foggy mornings will stretch out the spinner drop for several hours. I have seen clouds of Tricos still in the air at noon. During hot weather the same Hatch can be over by 8 o'clock in the morning.
The size of the Trico, are now a size 24. I have been tying the flies, on a large eyes wide gap hook, Daiichi 1110. These wide gap hooks are a big help with hookups and holding fish. The big challenge has been fishing these small flies with 7 and 8 X tippet. Right now Oatka Creek is full of weeds, when a trout is hooked first thing they do is dive for the weeds. 7 X tippet, does not hold up well with a melon size ball of weeds on it. Ants and beetles are still taking their share of fish. I've been fishing these flies in size 20 to 16 for the ants and 16 to 14 for the Beatles. If you are having a bad day with your casting go, ahead and fish a beetle. The fish like it when the Beatles hit the water hard, you're fly will sound like the real bug hitting the water.
The fishing as Spring brook has not changed much, still a game of scuds and midges. When the trout are not feeding on scuds, it can be a real head game trying to figure out what the trout want. The choice of Midge patterns is almost endless. So far my best Midge pattern is a size 22 white Midge emerger. I call this pattern Spring brook maggots when you see this pattern you'll know why.

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