Thursday, July 31, 2008

Late Summer Fishing

I know everybody's been complaining about the wet Weather we've have had the last few weeks. Most people may have found the storms a inconvenient. However not for us trout fishermen, all this rain has given us an extra month of trout fishing. Most years we would be done fishing or favorite trout streams such as Oatka Creek, the Genesee River, not to mention several other streams by now. On a typical summer water flow in these trout creeks and streams would to low and warm to fish without injuring the fish them selves.
Even though many people are finding the fishing very demanding, reality is we are in joy very good late summer fishing. Just remember we have been picking on these fish since April, the fish knows the game well. Fishing a Trioc spinner fall is a technically demanding hatch to fish. The flies are small and the fish will not take a fly that is not perfectly drifted. Add to this the fact that these fish have been fish for at least four months, approach and a pod of feeding trout can be extremely tough. Not every group of fish are you going to be able to successfully fish to. The rest of the summer the game is going to be small flies and even with good water flow, touchy fish. Stick with 7 X tippets size 24 Trioc spinners and red variants for indicator flies. And most importantly a very stealthy approach to any pod of fish you intend to fish. And as always when a spinner fall winds down fish ants size 18 and 20 and Beatles size 16.
The tiny flies and tippets the size of a spider web, are starting to become a bit of a nuisance. Just remember this; the beginning of salmon season is only a month away. Big flies and heavy tippets and you will not need your reading glasses to tie a fly on.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Things have changed over the last few days with all the rain. Oatka Creek has had a spike in the Water flow. This shot of water has cleaned out all the floating weed mats that were choking the Creek. The spike in water flow has also given the Creek a good flushing and cleaned out some of the sediment that has been building up all summer. This increase in water has left a slight stain to the water on Oatka Creek. The stained water has given the larger fish the comfort they needed to feed on the Trico hatch. There has been a large concentration of larger trout feeding on the hatch the last few days. These larger fish could be feeding on this hatch for a few more days, while the water flow remains high. Once water flows come back down to where it has been this summer, these larger trout will go back to night feeding.

To give you a comparison's last week we were fishing in water flows of 2.30 to 2.27 this water flow is very low for fishing and now we have a flow of 2.87, much higher, it can be come a little too hard for fishing the Trico hatch. The water level has already crested and is starting to slowly drop.

The way the weather looks for this week and water flows are looking, I suspect this week is going to be another good week for fishing the Trico hatch. The slightly stained water, while it lasts, can help make approaching the fish easier. However we still have to approach feeding trout with great care. As for flies, same stuff Trico spinners size 22 and red variants size 16. I am using the Red variant has an indicator fly, and then dropping off the bend of the hook a size 22 Trico spinner. I do not know about you but I cannot see a size 24 fly sitting in the surface film 30 feet away. Fishing a tandem rig like this helps me keep my fly exactly where I want that fly to be. As always do not forget ants and beetles once the morning air temperatures start to warm up.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back On Track

Over the last few days we have had some big thunderstorms. So far the storms have not caused Oatkas water flow to rise. These rainstorms are the key to maintain a constant fishable water flow throughout the Oatka system. The Trico hatch is back on track, the bugs and the fish are back to their normal routines. The bugs have been delayed when we have had rainfall during the mornings. The fog however has not seem to affect the Trioc spinner other than slow the returns down a little or prolonging the spinner fall until later in the morning. Cool and our foggy mornings will stretch out the spinner drop for several hours. I have seen clouds of Tricos still in the air at noon. During hot weather the same Hatch can be over by 8 o'clock in the morning.
The size of the Trico, are now a size 24. I have been tying the flies, on a large eyes wide gap hook, Daiichi 1110. These wide gap hooks are a big help with hookups and holding fish. The big challenge has been fishing these small flies with 7 and 8 X tippet. Right now Oatka Creek is full of weeds, when a trout is hooked first thing they do is dive for the weeds. 7 X tippet, does not hold up well with a melon size ball of weeds on it. Ants and beetles are still taking their share of fish. I've been fishing these flies in size 20 to 16 for the ants and 16 to 14 for the Beatles. If you are having a bad day with your casting go, ahead and fish a beetle. The fish like it when the Beatles hit the water hard, you're fly will sound like the real bug hitting the water.
The fishing as Spring brook has not changed much, still a game of scuds and midges. When the trout are not feeding on scuds, it can be a real head game trying to figure out what the trout want. The choice of Midge patterns is almost endless. So far my best Midge pattern is a size 22 white Midge emerger. I call this pattern Spring brook maggots when you see this pattern you'll know why.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Challenging Week

This past week has been a changing one for fishing the Trioc hatch. We have been invaded by some sort of tiny mayfly, a size 26 what looks like a Trioc. What it is, I do not know, I have always call it “that dam small black mayfly” There is still the normal size 20 Trioc spinners in the mix of bugs. The problem is trying to figure out which bug the trout are feeding on. This is not easy when the trout are not rising consistently. We have been able to catch a few fish using a mix of Griffis gnats size 22 and Trioc spinners size 22 and 24. For what ever reason, the trout have been a little sensitive this week. We have had to use lighter than normal tippits 7 and even 8X tippits and longer leaders to avoid spooking the fish. The normal arsenal of ants and beetles continues to work once the Trioc spinners start to clear off the water. Some mornings these flies work better than others, but there always worth giving a try.
Spring brook has settled into a typical mid to late summer pattern. There seems to be no real prime time to fish, just go and fish when you can. Some days you can show up first thing in the morning, and find a few fish feeding on mages and scuds. By the time you leave at mid day there is no slowdown to the activity. The next day there is hardly any feeding activity and you struggle for a couple of fish. Some days scuds are the hot pattern, the next day some sort of mage pattern will do the trick, you have to just experiment and figure it out.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Looking For Bugs

I have found a light to moderate Trico hatch on Oatka Creek, this hatch will intensify over the next week or so. Over the next few days do not be surprised if the hatch is a little spotty. The Trico hatch is just getting started, and it takes little time for the bugs to get going and the fish to key in on the Trico. The trout in Oatka Creek are still feeding on scuds. While waiting for the Trico spinners to fall we have been able to catch a few trout while fishing with scuds. Once the trout start to feed on the Trico spinners we change over to a size 20 Trico spinner. We are also having good success with the red variants size 16. As always once the spinner fishing dies down you can always shift over to beetles and ants.

Spring brook is now a mage and scud fishing game. This does not mean that there is not a lot of good fishing to be had on Spring brook. Midge patterns will be small size 22 and on down, and keep your scud small, I like a size 16. The geese have kept the weeds under control so the water crest will not be a problem. The trout on Spring brook have a very fast growth rate. With the help of the geese controlling water crest we now have an excellent opportunity to fish for some larger than average trout was small flies.

The Genesee River; The water flow on the Genesee is at a good fishing flow. The big concern for now is water temperature. Water temperatures can vary sharply through out the course of the day on Genesee River. However when we are enjoying cooler weather, morning fishing on the Genesee River can be excellent, especially during the Trico hatch.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Between Hatches

Oatka Creek has now become a morning Creek, that is the most productive fishing is during the morning. For now hairs ear's size 16, Coleman's March Browns nymphs size 12, and pink scuds size 16 and 14 have been the most productive flies. As the morning progresses and we shift from the fishing nymphs to dry fly fishing. Productive flies are ants, beetles and red variant. Often we will not see many trout rising, but we are still able to pull a few fish to the surface. When there is very little surface feeding activity, cover all likely fish holding structure and traditional feeding lanes. During this time of the summer, between the hatches trout in Oatka Creek are more prone to chase an odd fly on the surface. The next major hatch for Oatka Creek will be the trico hatch. This hatch traditionally starts after the first week of July. I suspect we will see the first of these bugs late next week. As always the trico hatch is a challenging hatch to fish. We have been picking on these fish since last April. The trout in Oatka Creek knows the game well by now. However we always seem to manage to have some great fishing during this hatch.

Springbrook still has a few sulfurs kicking around, however most of the fishing is starting to center and around mage and scud fishing. Often by early to mid July the fishing pressure Springbrook drops off sharply. When this happens some of the larger trout start to show up. Now is when the real challenge of fishing Springbrook starts. Trout over 14 inches on flies size 22 on down.

The Genesee River has received some heavy thunderstorms over the past weekend. The water flow has spiked and has fallen back down from the storms. This means the Genesee has good water flow and has cleared up from the thunderstorms. Not much has changed a mix of various flies during the day, yellow Drakes in the evening. The Genesee will also receive a trico hatch in a week or so. This hatch is very prolific on the Genesee River and will provide some excellent morning fishing.