Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's Going On?

The sulfur hatch on Oatka Creek is starting to wind down. We can still enjoy a few more sulfurs spinner falls for maybe a week. The evening fishing on Oatka Creek is now becoming a night fishing affair. There is a little bit of feeding activity on nymphs and on mage mergers in till dark. After dark there is some surface feeding activity. We've had our best success with size 12 and size 14 white wolf's. The best fishing on Oatka Creek is now shifting to mornings, right on schedule for the Oatka. The best fishing is from as early as you would like to get up to mid morning. At first light fish nymphs such as size 16 hairs ear's, pheasant tail's size 16, Coleman's March Brown nymphs, size 14 and 12. As morning progresses and air temperatures warm up, then fish ants size 16, beetles size 16 and 14, red variant size 16.
The sulfur hatch for the Genesee River is all but done. You may still find a stray may fly or two and may be a few spinners, even these few may flies will be done by the end of the week. However there is still plenty of evening activity. The Genesee River has an excellent yellow Drake hatch that comes off at dusk. This is a bright yellow may fly that is a size 12 or 10, a big bug. The fly patterns that I use for this hatch are a size 10 white wolf at dark, while it is still light out a size 12 cream variant. Daring cool weather and cloudy days, the Genesee River can be fished daring the day with a variety of dry flies. Productive flies such as Renegade, Stimulators, Adams, ants, beetles.
The sulfur Hatch on Spring Brook does not wind down for a few more weeks. We have approximately 2 more weeks of sulfur fishing on Spring brook. Midges and scuds are now becoming more important food sources for the trout now. Blue wing olive will continue to hatch on and off for several more weeks.

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