Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rain- Just What We Needed

This past week we have received over 2 inches of rainfall. This is enough to bring our streams back up to a normal base flow for this time of year. Starting with the Genesee River, water flow is for now at 4.51 which is a normal for this time and year. What is just as important as the rain fall, is the cool weather the last few days. The Genesee River was getting very low and warm. This past cool spell has lowered water temperature and has extended the fishing season for the Genesee River. The bug hatches on the Genesee River are as follow; there is about a week or two left for the sulfur Hatch. During the evenings besides the sulfurs, look for yellow drakes. These may flies are a big size 12 or even a size 10 all yellow may fly. Use a cream variant or a white wolf to imitate this fly. Daytime fishing, try fishing with stimulator's, light Caddis, Aunts, Beatles, also give wet flies a try. During cloudy rainy days there is always a size 18 B.W.O hatch.

The water flow for Oatka Creek remains study at approximately 2 .45 a little low but not bad. Morning nymph fishing continues to be productive, use size 12 and 14 hairs ear nymphs and Coleman Mark Brown nymphs size 12. Evening fishing, there is black Caddis size 18 and chocolate Caddis size 14, along with sulfurs. The sulfur hatch is starting to wind down my guesses is, we have another week or two for this hatch on Oatka Creek.

Spring brook, sulfurs continue to hatch on and off throughout the day, along with B.W.Os. The sulfur Hatch traditionally last the few weeks longer on Spring brook then it does on Oatka Creek. As usual not much has changed here, sulfur and olives, and mages, fish you get a chance.

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