Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lots of Bugs

We fished the upper Genesee River over the weekend. The water flows on the Genesee River are starting to get on the low side. We could use a good stretch of wet weather. We had good bug activity; I saw six different mayflies and a few more that I could not identify plus 2 different Caddis. When the sun was not out and shining on the water there were a steady hatch of gray foxes, March Browns, sulfurs and a few blue wing olives. We also saw a lot of coral duns. This mayfly is a colorful version of a March Brown. The coral dun has a yellow orange body and yellow wings and legs, a very attractive size 12 mayfly. The most effective set up was my classic Genesee River set up. That is a size 14 or 12 stimulator with some sort of size 16 wet fly dropper off the bend of the hook. This weekend a hares ear or an olive wet fly worked the best. During the evening it was the atypical routine of sulfur dun and spinners.

Because of all the hot dry weather we had last summer there was no hold over trout in the Genesee River. Because of this the trout are concentrated around the normal stocking points. There are very few fish far from these locations. However a few fish have started to spread out recently. If you are looking for better than average fish and a little isolation, it is worth while to explore the water between the stocking points. We did find some very nice fish in these spots. There is obviously not a lot of fish, however these fish have not seen much fishing pressure.

The fishing on Oatka and Spring Creek: The water flows here are low as well. I hope we get some rain. The sulfur hatches are now in full swing everywhere. Until water flows increase concentrate your fishing efforts on Oatka during the evenings. The best time to fish is from six o'clock until dark. This will give you a good opportunity to fish both the sulfur hatch and the spinner return. About now the sulfur spinner return in the Park section of the Oatka can get so intense that fishing can be shut down. When this happens, move up river to the Oatka trail section, in this part of the Creek the bug hatches are not as intense and you can enjoy some good spinner return fishing.
Spring Creek is having good consistent hatches of sulfur, and at times, there is also good blue wing olive hatches, the olives are a size 18. The timing of these hatches is an afternoon hatch. Most afternoons the hatches are a on and off event, you get there in the afternoon and you do not see any bugs coming off, just wait -- they will.

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