Monday, June 23, 2008

Looking For A Steelhead?

Spend the weekend on the Salmon River, I was there to attend the spey class and look for a summer steelhead. This past weekend there was a water release of 400 CFS. My hope was to find a summer run steelhead. In fact I hooked and lost one of these fish Friday morning in the upper flyfishing zone. I also heard of a report of one fish being caught and released in the lower portion of the Salmon River on Sunday. The summer run of steelheads is not a big run, hopefully it will be about 500 fish. I have a lot of hope for these fisheries to become far more productive in the future. For now there is never a lot of fish in one pool at any time. What makes fishing for these fish possible is that when you do find a summer steelhead, they will almost always bite. When a summer run steelhead is ready to take a fly, it will move a considerable distance for the fly. With this tendency to run down flies, the most productive technique that I have found it is to swing flies just under the surface. The presentation is a classic old-style greased line presentation. No need to mess around with sink tips here, especially since most of the time water flows are at summer levels of 185 CFS. The greased line technique allows me to fish extremely fast through the river. For summer run Steelhead fishing it is even more important to be able to cover water extremely fast. I will be making a few more runs to the Salmon River and I will keep you posted on how I am doing.
So what is going on with our trout streams? Pretty much the same as always. Sulfurs are starting to wind down on Oatka, still plenty of sulfur and BWOs on spring brook along with other stuff. I will update on this a little later.

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