Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hot Weather

We could not expect the cool weather to last forever. We are now going into a very hot stretch of weather. This will have a dramatic effect on the trout fishing. Some of our trout streams will heat up very quickly in the next day or two. Two examples are the Genesee River and the Oatka Creek along the trail. The trail section of Oatka is going to take this hot spell very hard, water flows here are extremely low. This doesn't mean we should stay home if we get a chance to fish. One of my favorite sayings is "the best time to fish is when you have a chance".
If you have a chance to fish in the next few days concentrate your fishing effort at two locations. First location is Spring brook, this is spring fed water, the hot weather will not affect the water temperatures or the bug activity. The normal routine of sulfurs, blue wing olives and midges will continue as usual. Plus do not forget the added bonus of staining in the cool water. The other location is to fish the Oatka Creek below where spring Creek enters Oatka and down stream through the Park section. This stretch of Creek has numerous springs that feed into the creek and will help to control the water temperature. Even though the Creek is very low right now, the extra spring fed water helps to bolster the waters flow. The hot weather will have an effect on the fishing here. Concentrate your fishing efforts early in the mornings. Try fishing nymphs during the morning, using hares ears size 14 or 16 and Coleman's March Brown nymphs size 12 or 14. When fishing these nymphs think structure, cover all the pockets and current breaks you can find. Second option is to fish during the evenings from six o'clock on. Right at dusk there will be a spinner return and a sulfur hatch. Right now the sulfur returns in the Park section of Oatka are very intense, however the fish are feeding on the spinners. Until this stretch of hot weather breaks, this will be my fishing routine. Hopefully over the next week we will get some heavy rains and the water flows in our Creeks will come back up.

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