Monday, May 19, 2008

Yellow Bugs

Here we go! We have all been waiting for this Hatch. Oatka Creek has Sulfurs which started to Hatch last Thursday. Over the next two weeks we will have some of the best fishing of the season on Oatka Creek. We can expect to find Caddis hatches and a Sulfur hatch known as the Invariant coming off sometime in the afternoons, and in the evenings a Dorothea hatch. The Caddis fly is a light Caddis size 14. The Invariant which we call a sulfur obviously is a may fly, also a size 14. Do not worry about tying up a batch of size 14 Sulfur to match this fly. This particular fly trickles off for most of the afternoon and I have found that a size 16 works just fine, the same goes for the Dorothea. This weeks' weather forecast is for rain showers and cooler temperatures until the end of the week. This weather will help to slow the hatches down a little. If the hatch activity seems slow, then try nymph fishing. Pheasant tails and hares ear's both in size 16 will be an ideal match for most of the insect activity. Keep in mind as much as we like to dry fly fish, Oatka Creek is more of a nymph fishermen's Creek.

Springbrook -- look for the sulfur hatch to start up in about another week. Until then with this gray weather there should be a steady flow of blue wing olives size 18 and midges.
The trout fish in this area is definitely getting well underway and right on schedule. We've got the bugs. It has been a good spring of steelhead fishing and I will be making a post talking about that. As of now I'm going to be fishing the local trout streams. I'll also be making regular trips to the upper Genesee River, the Wellsville area. If you have been thinking about tuning up your trout fishing skills, this is a good time to do it. You can contact me through the shop, or give me a call or e-mail.

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