Thursday, May 15, 2008

Winding Down

This year’s steelhead run is finally starting to wind down. It looks like we may have about one more week of drop back steelhead fishing. Water flows are starting to drop down to normal mid spring levels. Water flows have dropped from 335 CFS to 285 CFS and will be flown at 185 by the end of the week. Water temperatures still remained in the mid 50 degree mark, however the drop in water flow is going to shake it a lot of fish out of the river. There is always a few stray fish left in the Salmon River when I finally go home. Past few days we have been fishing through a lot of water. Each pool we fish through, we are getting one or two fish after that it is time to move on. We are now spending most of our time fishing from mid river on down. There is still steelhead in the upper river, including the no kill zones. Most of the steelhead is worn out and battle scarred males, that haven't realized it is time to leave yet. If you work with these fish, you can once in awhile get one to bite. Productive flies, nothing new here the same stuff continues to produce.

The word on Oatka and spring Creek – Oatka, the Henriksen hatches all but done. There is still a Henriksen spinner returns in the evenings and mixed in with the Henriksen's are blue wing olive. Afternoon fishing activity will soon be picking back up. Look for light Caddis hatches to be starting soon, this hatch starters out as a mid afternoon hatch. The Caddis is a size 14, as the hatch progresses the fly size well drop down to a size 16. Fishing on spring Creek for now is mostly made up of midges, scuds and blue wing olive, the olive is a size 18. For those of you who are wondering when the sulfur hatch will be starting, my best guesses some time around the 25th

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