Friday, May 30, 2008

Moving Along

There is a steady hatch of Sulfur coming of Spring brook. For now the hatch timing is in the afternoon. Depending on the day there may be a size 18 blue wing olive hatching along with the Sulfur. If there are no sulfurs or olives hatching try fishing a size 16 pheasant tail nymphs and the normal midges and scuds.
The water flow on Oatka Creek is flowing lower than normal for this time of the year. Until we get some rain, concentrate you’re fishing during the mid to late afternoons and on cloudy days. During low water flows trout become extremely spooky on bright sunny days. As for the bug hatches, everything is right on schedule despite the cool water. There is good sulfur hatches all up and down the creek now along with gray foxes and March Browns. If you're interested in a spinner return, keep in mind the spinners need the air temperature to be above 60 degrees. The way the weather forecast for this week end is looking, the temperatures should be warm enough for the spinners to return if it is not raining.
The southern tier has been receiving more rain than we have been getting a long the Oatka Creek system. As a result the water flow on the Genesee River is about as good as it gets for fishing. The Genesee River has been fishing on and off depending on water and air temperature. When the Genesee is on there is decent gray fox, March Brown and sulfur hatches during the day. Because of cool evening air temperatures there has not been many spinner returns during the evening.

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