Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Cool Weather

If the weather warms up this week, the trout streams will be back on line. The upper Genesee River and Oatka Creek were fishing very slow. Last week, water temperatures were as low as 48 degrees. In fact, last week the water temperature on the beaver kill never even got to 50 degrees. The bug activity on the Oatka has been on and off depending on both air and water temperatures. This week we can expect all the hatches will be going (Invariant, Gray Fox, March Brown) during the afternoon. In the evenings, we can now look for Sulfur hatch and spinner returns, weather and air temperatures permitting. It is time to start looking for Sulfur on Spring brook, they will be showing up any day. Along with the Sulfur, Blue wing olives continue hatch. The bug still is a size 18.

The Genesee river will be back fishing this week, with all of the following hatches; Gray Fox, March Brown and Sulfur. The upper Genesee River can have one of the best Gray Fox hatch I known of.
As long as we continue to have cooler than normal weather, concentrate your fishing efforts during the afternoons. For now Oatka Creeks' water flow is lower than normal for this time of year. Try fishing along the Oatka trail, the creek is a little narrower here and the water flows will be more concentrated. The last couple of weeks the southern tier has received more rainfall. The water flow on the Genesee River is about perfect for fishing. However if water temperatures have remained cold and you do not see much for bug activity, try nymph fishing.

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