Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cold Weather

The weather this week has definitely been unusually cold. This cool weather has put the trout fishing on hold. However not all is lost because Spring brook is spring fed thus weather fluctuations have very little impact. Spring brook has enjoyed a steady trickle of blue wing olives size 18. Look for the Sulfur hatch to be starting on Spring brook sometime next week. Besides the blue wing olives and sulfurs try fishing pink scud, pheasant tails and midges size 20 on down.

Oatka Creek has been fishing slow this past week obviously due to the cool weather. Nymph fishing has been producing more than its share of fish. Once the weather and water temperatures return to normal so will the hatches, and we will be back to some dry-fly fishing. Expect to see two separate sulfur hatches the first starting in the afternoon this fly being the Invariant size 14 then towards evening the Dorothea will hatch. Even though the Invariant is a larger fly I fish both of these hatches with a size 16. The upper portion of Oatka Creek along the trail is also having a March Brown hatch. This is a size 10 fly. You will not see in a lot of March Browns on the water at one time. This fly trickles off the water slowly throughout the day. If you enjoy covering a lot of water while you fish this is a great hatch to fish.

If you're interested in doing a little bass fishing try the Oak Orchard River. There has been a fairly decent number of small mouth bass hanging in the pools. Try fishing the three major pools sycamore pool, archer’s pool, & road hole. Productive flies? Use up all your leftover woolly buggers and bunny flies from steelhead fishing.

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