Thursday, April 3, 2008

Warming Water

Tuesday's warm weather and high winds get the job done clearing off the ice from the Oak Orchard reservoir. With the ice now gone, water temperatures on the oak is riseing quickly. All we need is for water temperatures to break into the low 40 degree mark. Once this happens the fishing on the Oak will turn on. Right now water flows on the Oak Orchard River are high and the water color is very muddy. These water conditions will not be such an issue in a couple of days. Once water temperatures makes it above 40 degrees steelhead will move from the pools to the shallower faster water to spawn. Once the fish are in these locations we will be able to both locate the fish and fish to them much easier. The best part of muddy water conditions is that fish do not spooked as easily.

Once the steelheads start to spawn, we can break out all the cool flies which we like to fish with. My fly box has now changed, productive flies are now; little rainbow streamer in size 2 ugly egg sucking Leach size 4, giant stone fly size 4, and of course spey flies. Egg fly still are a very productive pattern, however I personally have been fishing these flies since November. I am good and ready for a change in flies. Presentations also will change with the warmer water. Dead drifting egg flies and nymphs under a strike indicator is still effective. However now swinging flies is also becoming very productive

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