Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Steelhead Fishing

We had heavy thunderstorms Friday night and a steady rain on Monday. This rainfall has brought the Salmon River back up to 1800 CFS. This high water will remain for a few more days. The cooler weather that is forecasted for this week will also help keep the water temperatures down in the low 50 degree mark. The steelheads have been spawning now for close to two weeks. I suspect we have at least one more, good week of spawning activity. The steelheads remain aggressive and more than willing to chase a fly swung across the gravel bars. Productive flies have been: pink and white bunny flies size 6, black and Brown buggers size 6 and during the middle of the day black stone flies, size 6 and 8.

We have started to catch a few steelheads in the drop back stage. So far most of these fish have been caught in the upper River. As long as water temperatures remained in the low 50s and the water flow high, these fish will not drop down through the river to fast for some time. I suspect the drop back steelhead fishing is going to be just as hot as the rest fishing has been. There is still a tremendously large amount of steelhead in the upper river hanging around the gravel beds, and all hatchery's holding tanks are full of steelhead. All these fish are going to eventually be heading back down River and out into the lake. As these fish head down river on their way to the lake they will go on the feed. We will be fishing for these steelhead by swinging flies through the pools using custom sink tips. These sink tips will help to get the fly down to the proper depth. This style of fishing is ideally suited for use of the two-handed rods. Spey rods are ideal tools for fishing through several pools a day and are far more efficient than using single-handed rods.

Oatka Creek – the cooler weather has temporarily slow down the fishing, even though the bugs continue to hatch. This will change very soon as the fish acclimate to the water temperature and air temperature warms back up. Until then, fish Hendrickson nymphs and hairs ear under a strike indicator and of course fish to rising trout as you find them. During cold snaps like this one the bugs will continue to hatch. However cool air temperatures will hold back the spinner return. Once the air temperature warms up to 60 degrees, you can expect a heavy spinner return.

At this time I have May 10, 11, 12 opened if you are interested in take advantage of the drop back fishing give me a call on my cell phone 585-233-0436 or the fly shop at 585-352-4775.

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