Sunday, April 13, 2008

More High Water

The rain from last Thursday night through Friday has left 1 1/4¼ of inches of rain. This has once again put all the rivers back up. We are back to fishing high muddy water, at least this time the water is warmer. The rain has caused Oak Orchard River to come up about 16 to 18 inches from where it was last Thursday. The way things are looking, this high water is not going to last too long. The water flow is already starting to come back down. The water temperature on the Oak has also dropped several degrees. Temperatures have dropped from a high of 52 degrees to 46 degrees. As long as water temperatures stay in the mid 40s steelhead should continue to trickle in. Remember once the water temperatures stay above the 50 degree mark for a week or more the steelhead run will quickly burn out. Despite the high muddy water, our biggest challenge has been all the suckers that have moved in amongst the steelhead. You can try swinging some of the larger steelhead patterns a little higher off the bottom to avoid constantly hooking all the suckers. Even though sometimes this does not work either, but for now avoid fishing egg fly and nymph patterns.

For now, Oatka Creek water flow has come back up and is not fishable for now. So much for being fishable by the weekend. Hopefully the water flows will settle down enough so we can enjoy some fishing during the Hendrickson hatch which should start in a couple of weeks.

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