Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hope You Are Fishing

Salmon River -- Since the one-steelhead-limit has been in effect, there has been some very big fish around. The high water conditions have made it very tough to land some of these big fish. But we have managed to put a couple in the net. Hopefully we will continue to cross paths with some of these big steelhead. The water flows remained high but are now starting to moderate. The flows have come down from a high of 3600 CFS to a flow of 2230 CFS and then 1000 CFS. This is still a little high water flow but a lot more fishable than before. With the given weather conditions, I suspect water flows will continue to moderate. Water temperatures have also increased dramatically. Over the last few days water temperatures have risen sharply from 40 degrees to 50 degrees. This is an incredibly fast spike in water temperatures. I have personally never seen water temperatures on the Salmon River climb so quickly. Hopefully the water temperatures will stabilize in the low to mid 50s. As you can guess the spawning activity has ramped up accordingly. Despite the high water I have been finding active steelhead throughout the river. With the water temperature as warm as it is, we have been successful fishing a swinging fly. Productive fly patterns are: black and brown woolly buggers size 6 and 4, bunny streamers, colors white and pink size 6, black stone flies nymphs, size 6 and 8. Small intruder style fly patterns are still producing more than their share of the fish.

Oatka Creek -- The water flow is at 3.1 and holding this is ideal conditions for fish in the Oatka Creek. The Hendrickson Hatch is on fire! As I have said, if you want to fish the Hendrickson Hatch, fish now. The unusually warm and dry weather we're having has provided an ideal opportunity for fishing. The Hendrickson hatch has been coming off during the afternoon and then followed by a spinner return in the evening. At the rate that hatch is progressing, the blue wing olives should start showing up very soon.

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