Sunday, April 20, 2008

Get Fishing

Salmon River -- Water flow the last few days on the salmon have been very high. Water release has been 3600 CFS + run off. As you can imagine the fishing has been a bit of a challenge the last few days. What has made the fishing possible is the water temperature. Water temperature in the upper no kill has finally reached the 40 degree mark. Further downstream the temperature at Pineville is 42 degrees. The combination of high water and warming water temperatures has drawn the steelhead into the back channels and gravel bars to spawn. Even in these locations the fishing is still tough due to the high water. High water conditions like what we are experiencing now is where the spey rods really shine. We have been using very heavy sink tips, 15 feet of T-14 and at times this is not enough. We have also been using very heavy flies tied on brass tubes with lead eyes to help keep the fly down. As for the flies patterns themselves, we have had our best success with small intruder style fly patterns. These flies are tied in colors of black, chartreuse and Charisse. With the dry weather that is in the forecast for this coming week, the water flow should be dropping soon.

Oak Orchard River -- Water flows are dropping and clearing quickly with the dry weather. There are groups of spawning steelhead spread out through the Oak. Look for these fish in the fast moving water. Water temperatures have been above 50 degrees for about a week now. Experience over the years has told me that once we have about two weeks of water temperatures above 50 degrees, the steelhead run will quickly wind down. Even still if you're willing to look sometimes you can find a few stragglers ready to spawn. My best guess is one more week of decent fishing and then stragglers after that.

Oatka Creek -- The water flow is at 3.1 this means if you are interested in fishing the Hendrickson Hatch, get fishing. Most spring's we may only be able to get a few days of fishing on this hatch. Water flows have been known to be stable this time of the year. All it takes is one good rainstorm and we will be done fishing for remainder of this Hatch. I always say the best time to fish is when you can. Right now Oatka creek is in prime fishing condition.

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