Monday, April 7, 2008

Fishing The Oak

Oak Orchard River is coming into ideal fishing conditions. Right now water flows are still on the high side. Water temperature is at 45 degrees today 4/7/08 with good visibility for spring. The weather forecast for the coming week is for dry weather for the first part of the week and warm temperatures. This will improve the fishing conditions on the Oak. The warm water is drawing in a few new fish into the Oak every day. This week and the next two weeks could be the best steelhead fishing of the spring. From here on expect to find fish spread out all through the river not just the pools, but also in the riffs and runs. Look for spawning steelhead anywhere there is good spawning habitat. With these water temperatures steelhead will not be sitting in the pools for long. For those of you, who like to fish for steelhead with a swinging fly, now is the time. Productive flies are: little rainbow size 2, ugly egg sucking Leach size 4, black stone fly size 6, weight bunny streamer size 6 to size 2, marks carpet fly size 8, black woolly buggers size 6 and 4.

I have been taking to a lot of fishermen, wanting to fish Oatka creek. Rite now Oatka is running high, as of now Oatka is at 3.91 as of to day, on the USGS map. Good fishing level starts at 3.20, dry fly fishing starts at about 3.0. The way the weather forecast is looking for this coming week, Oatka Creek might be fishable buy the weekend. However do not expect to find a Hendrickson Hatch for another week or two.

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