Monday, March 31, 2008

Warmer Weather

The warm spring weather has finally arrived. Hopefully we will be rid of all the snow and ice very quickly. Sandy Creek has finally been able to have an increase in water temperature. Sunday afternoon the water temperature finally made it to 40 degrees. Despite the warmer water temperatures, the fish at Sandy were a little off the bite. We had to fish hard for a few fish. Our productive flies were chartreuse estaz egg size 8 and Mark’s carpet fly in the same size. We had rainfall from Sunday night to Monday morning. This rainfall has caused the water flow at Sandy Creek to both rise and turned very muddy. As I always say conditions in the spring change constantly.
The weather forecast for Tuesday, April 1 is not going to be much help for our river conditions. The forecast is for proximally a half an inch of rain, this will most likely flood our rivers. The good news is for the Oak Orchard River, the forecast is also for approximately 40 mile an hour winds. I'm hoping these high winds will help to break up the ice on the Oak Orchard reservoir. Once the ice clears out water temperatures will quickly warm up, and so will steelhead fishing.
So far this spring has been a cold wet one. Wet springs like the one we are having now, our rivers and creeks will spend a lot of time high and off-color. If we wait for “ideal fishing conditions” you may miss the entire steelhead run. This is especially true for the Western end of Lake Ontario. Experiences have taught me that once the water temperature reaches into the low to mid-40 degree mark water clarity is not a big issue. I have had some of my best spring steelhead fishing in water with less than 12 inches of visibility.

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