Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snow Melt

The weather the last few days has not seemed all that warm. However air temperatures have been warm enough at least part of the day to keep the snow melting. Add to this help from a few rain showers, all of our rivers remain high. The Oak Orchard River is now falling as high as it can be and still be fishable. Right now the water clarity is about 21/2 feet, a stained look to the water but definitely fishable. For the Oak Orchard River this time of the year, this may be as clear as the Oak will get in until May. Water flow this high on the Oak, require great care when waiting. If you're on easy about waiting in high water then consider fishing from the road hole down River along the north wall. Even in this high water, if you're willing to work at you should be able to get a bite or two. Recommend flies for fishing down river from the north wall, are bunny flies and large buggers sizes 6 to size 2. Recommended colors are white, black and if you like mix in a little bit of fluorescent orange, yellow, chartreuse. Fishing from the road hole up river stray was large egg patterns, size 8 and 6. I recommend fishing these flies under a strike indicator and concentrate on current seems at the edges of the pools.

When fishing in high water conditions it is more important than ever to not wait too close to the pools. This is not just for safety reasons; often the fish are sitting right on the edge of the pool where the slow and fast water meets. Waiting to deep is not just, dangers but often that is where the fish are sitting. Once you chase these fish into the heavy water flow of the pool, these fish will often locked down and not bite.

Sandy Creek at this time is blown out, way to high to fish and totally muddy. Hopefully Sandy will come back into fishable condition by the weekend. That is if we do not get much more rain in the next day or two.

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