Saturday, March 15, 2008

March Steelhead And Brown Trout

March steelhead fishing can be tricky. You start the month out fishing in winter conditions and by the end of the month we are in spring Steelhead conditions. Fishing conditions can and do change fast. So what is going on with the Oak? The water flow is on the high side for now, the water color is clear for now. The way the weather is looking for this week, I suspect the water flows to increase and the water the color to go muddy. The Oak Orchard water shed is covered in water logged snow and we have some wet weather in the forecast.

Right now the water temper is cold 32 degrees. As far as the Steelhead are concerned it is still winter. We have been doing most of our fishing with egg flies, long leaders and strike indicators. Do to the clear water color the most productive fly is Mark’s carpet fly, butterscotch estaz egg, all in size 8 and 10. The water is cold and we had to fish slow and carefully. But we found Steelhead in all of the pools from the dam in down river.

Sandy Creek; The water flows are down to normal for this time of the year. The water color is starting to cloud up but it is still a good fishing color. The way the weather is looking this may change. For now Sandy is fishing well, with a mix of both Brown trout and steelhead. There is still good number of Brown trout still hanging around in Sandy. I suspect these fish will be back in the Lake in about two or three weeks. The steelhead fishing in Sandy Creek is typically spotty, some pools will have a steelhead while others will be empty. You will need to fish through several pools to find a few steelheads. Lately we have been finding a steelhead or two in most of the pools we have been fishing.

For now we are fishing the pools with a two step approach. We will fish the first pass through the pool with bunny streamers, [yes any color is good as long as it is white]. The second pass is with egg flies fished under a strike indicator. Here too the most productive egg fly has been Mark's carpet fly size 8 and 10. If the water becomes off color I like to use chartreuse estaz eggs size 8. The first pass with streamers is for the Brown trout. The second pass with the egg flies is for the steelhead. I do expect to find both fish holding in the same pool.

NOTE; I have March 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 open. Plus I have days still open in the first two weeks of April. This is prime time for Oak Orchard and Sandy Creek, if you are interested give me or the shop call at 585-352-4775

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