Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March High Water

This is March, as I have said conditions can and do change fast. Here we go; the warm temperatures and approximately 30 hours of light to moderate rain fall, has flooded all of our rivers and creeks. Judging by how fast everything has flooded and the weather forecast for this weekend, my best guess Sandy should be coming back into fishing conditions by Monday or Tuesday. The Oak Orchard River should be coming back into fishing conditions by mid next week. March floods in the past, have always produced excellent fishing once the River settle back into fishing conditions. This should be a blast of high water we need to kick off the spring steelhead run.

Just before the high water hit we were able to get one last day of fishing in. The water flow at Oak Orchard River has been slowly rising over the past few days, but remained clear. We stayed with the same technique, that is long leaders a strike indicators and continue to catch a mix of Brown trout and steelhead. The Brown trout have been a pleasant surprise, because by now they are usually out of the River. The flies that we are using at Oak Orchard remained the same. Our best producer has been Mark’s carpet fly. Obviously once the Oak Orchard comes back into fishable conditions, the fly box may need to be modified slightly.

The water flow at Sandy Creek has been fluctuating slightly the last few days, depending on air temperature. However Sandy continues to produce good catches of Brown trout and steelhead. We have been pressuring Sandy hard last few days and the high water will give this Creek a needed break. The Brown trout fishing at Sandy has been way better than I expected. Hopefully we can get another two good weeks of Brown trout fishing before they all drop back out to the Lake

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