Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back At It Once Again

It is good to have our rivers back in to fishing condition. Starting with the Oak Orchard River; The water flow has come down to ideal fishing conditions even though the water may appear to be slightly high and off color. There is steelhead in all the pools from the dam all the way down river as far as you can fish. The fishing seems to be steadily improving; this would put the fishing on the Oak about on schedule. As for the Brown trout I have only seen a few of these fish being caught recently. For the Oak Orchard I suspect all the Browns have or will very soon return back to the Lake.
The water temperatures are still extremely cold so the takes from the fish are very soft. We have been doing most of our fishing with long leaders and strike indicators. Fly patterns have not changed much yet. We are still using glow bugs in size 8 and 10 in our favorite colors. Buggers and bunny streamers in size 8 and 4 the colors here are white, chartreuse and black.

Sandy Creek; last weekend's snowstorm did put a little ice back into Sandy Creek, however the ice will not last long. Sandy still has plenty of Brown trout hanging around and feeding along with fresh running steelhead. If you're interested in catching both steelheads in Browns at the same time, right now is the best time to do it. As soon and as the water temperatures start warm up Sandy Creek, the Brown trout will disappear. For now we are fishing the pools with a two step approach. We will fish the first pass through the pool with bunny streamers, [yes any color is good as long as it is white]. The second pass is with egg flies fished under a strike indicator. The first pass with streamers is for the Brown trout. The second pass with the egg flies is for the steelhead. I do expect to find both fish holding in the same pool.

This Saturday at Coleman's fly shop Scott will be tying flies with his favorite materials, that is C.D.C. Scott has developed some interesting may fly and Caddis patterns. The fly tying demonstration, as always, runs from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and is free to all.

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