Thursday, February 28, 2008

Weather Permitting

Weather permitting the Oak Orchard River has been fishing fairly well. This is just as well sense the Oak Orchard River is still the only river we have in fishing condition at this time. The water flows on the Oak are now starting to drop and clear. Once the watercolor becomes to clear for the steelhead, they will once again drop back down river. In till then stay with naturally colored egg flies, 6 and 8 pound floral carbon tippets.

Another option is to fish spring Creek. The trout at spring Creek are quickly coming out of there winter doldrums and are going back on the feed. On sunny days there is a image hatch on spring Creek, these images are a small blonde color size 30. If these bugs are too small for you, pink scuds and crust bugs make productive standby fly patterns that will almost always produce a few trout.

This Saturday at Coleman's fly shop, we will be holding a fly tying demonstration. The demonstration starts at 1 p.m., I will be doing the fly tying demonstration this Saturday. If you have found Caddis hatches frustrating to fish, I will be showing a few of my favorite Caddis patterns and talking about how I fish them.

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