Friday, February 1, 2008

Time To Tie

If you would like to know how to tie these flies come to Coleman's Fly shop this Saturday at 1 pm. I will be doing a fly tying demonstration. I will show steelhead flies that you can use right now for winter fishing. Plus a spey fly or two and two of my favorite steelhead patterns that I tie on tubes.

Time to get back to fly tying! The fly boxes need to be filled. With all the steelhead that are showing up this winter, we are going to go through a lot of flies this spring.

Not much has changed with the Oak Orchard River. Water flows remain low and clear, and the way the weather looks conditions are not about to change. If you are thinking of fishing the Oak, concentrate your efforts on the lower portion of the River. You can try fishing a few small egg patterns, size 12 to 10 under an indicator. Another option would be to work streamers up against the bank and in to the middle of the River for a Brown trout. As always streamers size 6 to 4, and of course any color is good as long as it is white.

The biggest change is with the Genesee River, the Genesee is now flowing below pace flow. What this means, is that Genesee River is at an excellent flow for fishing. Flies for the Genesee: glow bugs size 8, colors orange, chartreuse, apricot, you can also try black and brown, white woolly buggers in size 8 and 6. I recommend concentrating your fishing efforts from table rock on down through the pocket water. Strike indicators and long leaders [approximately 12 to 14 feet long] is the best way to fish as section of the Genesee River at this time of the year.

Note: There is still room in all of our fly tying classes. The classes are small and there are two instructors. The classes start February 6 at7 pm, for more information call the shop at 585-352-4775

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