Friday, February 15, 2008

Good Week To Tie Flies

The cold weather this week has not made for good fishing. Despite the high water, sandy creek quickly froze back up and the Genesee River remains high. The only good news is the Oak Orchard River. The Oak is the only river, that is in fishing condition. The water color is still muddy but the water is clear enough to fish. The water color will improve through the week Stay with egg flies, in your favorite color for the muddy water, size 10 to 6 and of course white streamers size 6 to 4. Not much for fishing, a good week for fly tying.

This Saturday at Coleman's fly shop, we will be holding a fly tying demonstration. The demonstration starts at 1 p.m. the tying subject for this Saturday is Jason, he will be tying his midges.

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