Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another Round Of High Water

The Oak Orchard River finally got what it needed, a shot of high water. This should freshen up the fishing. The oak will be at flood level for about two days before it starts to come down. The way the weather looks, it will be the middle of next week before we will be able to fish the Oak. Hopefully it will not be to cold to fish by then. One we get back to fishing the Oak, the water will most likely be muddy. Fish egg flies size 8 to 6 in your favorite colors.

The warm weather has flooded sandy creek and the ice has been washed out on the upper portion of the creek. The lower portion will be ice free soon if it is not already. I do not think we will be able to fish Sandy by the way the weather forecast is looking for next week. Back to the winter cold, this time a year it doesn't take much to freeze Sandy Creek back up.

The Genesee River has been fishing the past week. With the warm weather the Genesee River has gone the same way as the rest of the rivers. Yep -no need for guessing the Genesee River is flooded.

Note: The weather for this weekend is going to be cold and the rivers are too high to fish. This Saturday at Coleman's fly shop, we will be holding a fly tying demonstration. The demonstration starts at 1 p.m. the tying subject for this Saturday is saltwater flies. Most of the flies that will be demonstrated are for striped bass and bluefish.

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