Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January Thaw

It has been nice the last few days to be able to fish and not clean the ice out of the guides. Obviously this is going to change in time. For now we can enjoy it while it last. The Oak Orchard River has been getting and lots of fishing pressure the last few days. As a result the fishing has become tough. Until we receive some high water to freshen up the fishing, it is going to stay that way. There are a few Browns and steelhead hanging around the dam and the turbine channel and a few more fish down river in the slow water. Stay with the old streamer standby when fishing in the slow deeper water. As for the rest of the river, light tippets and small flies in size 10 to 12 are the way to go.

The ice on Sandy Creek has cleared out, even though water flow is a little high and off-color Sandy is for now fishing fairly well. There is a good mix of Brown trout rainbow trout and steelhead scattered through out the creek. We have been fishing the pools with a two part approach. The first pass through the pool is with streamers, a size 6 with a white wing and pink body has been working well for the Brown trout. The second pass is with egg flies fished under a strike indicator for the steelhead and rainbows. I do not know how long the fishing on Sandy is going to hold up. As soon as the weather does change, Sandy will ice back up.

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