Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Am Back At It

Duck hunting in the Virginia salt marshes

A Virginia black duck.

A Chesapeake Bay Canvas Back

Sorry about being out of touch the lost two weeks, I have been duck hunting in Virginia and Maryland. Once I got back I was hit with computer trouble. We all know about the trouble computers can give us!

The duck hunting was good as always, some days we shot more ducks than other days. We saw a lot of ducks, and Luke [my chocolate lab] got a lot of work. It is always good to get together and do a little hunting with friends and family.

So what is up with the fishing? As you would expect sandy creek is a frozen Popsicle. The water flow on the Oak Orchard River has dropped down to a low and clear flow. This is typical for the Oak when the winter weather turns cloudy. There are still a few fish around, but the fishing is tough.

The big change is with the Genesee River. The cloud weather is giving the river a chance for the water flow to come down. As of now the Genesee River is still a little high to fish, but the river is dropping. The way it looks, give the river about a week and we may be able to fish. The Genesee River has not been fished in over a month. Once we can get on the river the fishing should be as good as it gets. A word of warning, there may be some shelf ice. The ice may not be strong enough to stand on.

Note: There is still room in our fly tying class. The classes are small and there are two instructors. The classes start, February 6 at7 pm, for more information call the shop at 585-352-4775.

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