Friday, January 4, 2008

Changing Conditions

Right now only the Oak Orchard River is fishable. The Oak has benefited from the cold snap these past few days and the water has had time to clear some. There is still a strong stained color to the water. Water flow is at a good medium flow and with the water color the Oak is in excellent fishing condition. The weather that is predicted for this coming weekend and into early next week will bring the water flow back up. However I suspect we will have three or four good days of fishing before this happens. Suggest a fly patterns for the Oak Orchard River: egg patterns in size 8 and 10, colors orange, chartreuse, pink. You can also try nymphs such as black stone flies in size 8 and 6 also give here's ears a try in size 12 and 10. Do not forget white streamers in size 6 and 4, for the Brown trout.

Sandy Creek is for now one giant popsicle. The cold snap we have had last few days, has caused Sandy to freeze up. It is going to take a few days for all the ice to clear out. Hopefully the water flow and clarity will allow Sandy to be in reasonable fishing conditions. Only time will tell.

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