Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tough Fishing

Tough pickings on the Oak Orchard River these days. There is still plenty of fish, but with the low water. Most of these fish have been caught and released more than a few times, these fish know the gig. I suspect the fishing on the Oak Orchard is going to be tough until the water comes up. The way the weather is looking this may not be much longer.

There are a lot of spawned out brown trout feeding in the slow water. These fish will stay and feed as long as there is food. The streamer fishing will hold up for a few more weeks, weather permitting.

Productive flies -- because of the low water and cold temperatures we are using strike indicators and light tippets when fishing the pools. Now for the flies, we are using small egg patterns. Nuclear roe bugs size 10 and 12 colors pink and Oregon cheese have been the most productive. The same goes for small glow bugs size 10 and 12 colors pink, Oregon cheese, apricot if you like you can tie a small blood dot. For streamers I have been staying with the bunny streamers, any color is good as long as it is white.

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