Monday, December 24, 2007

Just what We Needed

Looks like we get a Christmas gift for the Oak Orchard River. The heavy rainfall that we received the past two days will definitely bring the Oak Orchard River back up to normal water flow. This sharp increase in water flow will freshen up the fish and once the water clears up we will be back winter fishing. The increase water flow, is drawing in fresh steelhead and encourage foraging Browns that remained in the river to move back up river.
The heavy rainfall may have been good for the Oak Orchard River. But the Genesee River was just starting to come down to a fishable level, you can forget about this River for a while. I suspect the Genesee will be flowing at near flood levels for about a week.
Water fluctuations like the one we are expressing now are good for winter fishing. We need these fluctuations to wake up and move the fish. When we have long periods of study water flows, the winter fishing will become tough. Steelheads that are, sitting in pools for extended periods of time, a week or more will become very inactive. Fluctuations of high water wakes these fish up and moves, the fish into new pools where they become active once again.

One last note; I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

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