Monday, December 31, 2007

A Good Day Of Fishing

We fished two rivers today, starting the day out on the Oak Orchard. The water flow is at what we call a medium flow. The water color is still way off but fishable. There are both steelhead and a few Brown trout spread throughout the pools in the entire river. We caught our steelhead with chartreuse estazsegg flies size 8, for the browns stay with streamer size 6 as always any color is good as long as it is white.

The second river we fished was Sandy Creek. Here too the water color is off but not as bad as the Oak. As for the water flow, Sandy was still flowing a little high. Despite the water conditions we did catch several Brown trout with white and pink bunny streamers size 6 and chartreuse estaz egg size 8.

The weather forecast for this week is for a cold front to come through. This cold snap will slow down any remaining runoff. This cold weather will give the rivers a chance to clear up. I suspect a cold weather will only affect us and not to fishing.

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