Friday, November 30, 2007

Winter Like Fishing

The way the weather is looking for next week, we will be fishing in winter conditions. Hopefully the rivers and creeks will have enough water to maintain some good cold-weather fishing. When I am fishing during the cold weather, I will fish from about 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Most of the time the fish do not start to bit in till mid morning and then stop about mid afternoon.

As for what is going on now. The water is still cold at Sandy creek and the way things look, it is going to stay that way. The pools and pocket water is where we are now finding most of our fish. The water flow at Sandy Creek is getting low once again; as a result we are using strike indicators to more precisely control our drifts.

The Oak Orchard -- The canal water has stopped and now the Oak Orchard water flow is very low. Given the water conditions, the fishing is holding up fairly well and the fishing pressure has drop off sharply. There are still good numbers of brown trout and steelhead spread out from the dam on down river to the north wall. Because of low water these fish are a little spooky. We have been concentrating our fishing effort in the remaining fast water, and we are using light tippits and size 10 egg flies to catch these fish. In the lower fishable portion of the river, we are starting to have good success fishing white bunny streamers. The streamer fishing should be effective for the next few weeks, as more spawned out Brown trout drop down into the slow water. Once these Browns enter the slow water they will start to feed aggressively on creek chubs and shad. White streamers tied with rabbit strips have proven to be the most productive pattern.

Low water on the Oak Orchard is nothing new. I've seen low water like this in the past. Some years even with the low water the Oak can fill up with late run Brown trout.

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