Friday, November 23, 2007

Water - We Got It

When conditions change it always seems to change fast. With the canal water release and 2 inches of rainfall we had the other day. Sandy Creek has come up to an excellent flow for both fishing and fish migration. Hopefully all the Brown trout and rainbows that have been sitting in the lower river will now migrate quickly up river. We need to have the Brown trout work there way several miles up river so we can have good winter fishing. Hopefully there's still time for this to happen before winter weather sets in and the creek ices up for the winter.

Because we have only recently received good water flows for Sandy Creek, most of the good fishing is located at the lower end of the creek. If you intend to do a little hiking and fishing the upper portions of Sandy Creek, keep in mind it is deer season. I suggest that you fish this section of the creek from midmorning to early afternoon. This is both a good time of the day to fish and will keep us out of the way of the deer hunters. With the cold weather we are having the last couple days, the morning fishing has been slow. However things have been picking up very nicely in the afternoon. There is still a lot of Brown trout spawning activity which is creating an excellent egg fly bite.

Oak Orchard River -- The fishing pressure is now starting to taper off, however there is still a lot of good fishing to be had. Late November early December has produced some of the best fishing that I've expressed on Oak Orchard. The way the weather patterns are starting to look, the Oak Orchard River should continue to have decent water flows. As long as we have these water flows the fishing is going to hold up just fine.

Genesee River -- The water flow for the Genesee River has come up sharply in recent days. It will take about five to seven days for flows to settle down if they do. Just before the River came up the steelhead fishing was incredibly hot. There is a lot of steelhead in the Genesee River to be caught once the water flows straightened out.

As for the flies, once again nothing has changed, for those of you who are new. Here is the rundown; for Brown trout and Steelhead, nuclear roe bugs in size 8 and 10 colors Oregon cheese and orange. For Salmon and swinging flies for Steelhead, black and brown woolly buggers size 6 and 4 and bunny streamers, size 6 and 4 in colors all white, white and pink, white and brown, Brown and black.

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