Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sandy Creek Rainbows

With the canal water release, and the time of the year we will be encountering more rainbow trout running in Sandy Creek. We need to take special care with these unique fish. Over the summer research has been done in Sandy Creek and young of the year rainbows have been discovered. As I have said - Sandy has it's own unique run of wild Rainbows, we now have proof of this being true. These fish must be protected. There are not many of this unique fish and it is not supported by a hatchery. We have to take it onto ourselves to protect these fish, or we will definitely lose them. This is going to be a very tough fall for Sandy's Rainbow's. Low water is going to make migration up River almost impossible for them. If these fish do not make it way up River, their young will not survive. It is a simple numbers game; more fish we allow to continue their up river migration, the more fish will live to spawn. Doing what we can to help these fish will maintain and improve the Rainbow fishing for seasons to come which is something we all want for ourselves. The next time you see someone with a rainbow on Sandy Creek, remind him to give fish a break. If we don't protect our own fisheries, then who is?

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